Here’s February’s first ‘official’ Patreon PDF Adventure, A Stench in Nosjad.

Here’s February’s first ‘official’ Patreon PDF Adventure, A Stench in Nosjad.

Here’s February’s first ‘official’ Patreon PDF Adventure, A Stench in Nosjad. I’ve changed up the formatting in this one a bit, so (I know I say this every time, but) I’d be really interested in feedback this time. Is this too much prep for a DW game? Is there such a thing as too much prep? Let me know!

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  1. This one needs a massive does of ‘play to see what happens’. And I’m going to have to do just that. I’m immediately struck by the semi-sentient monster and wondering if parties would figure out the connection without too much hinting. Could be my experiences with oozes, slimes, and jellies over the years that there’s a ‘burn on sight’ policy that might preclude deciphering that aspect of the mystery. How did the play testers fare on figuring out what I’d consider the subtler connection?

  2. I’m with Jamie. I really need to give this one a play through before I can comment on the real effect of this new format. I must say though, I really like what I’m seeing. Thank you Joe!!

  3. Short but sweet. 

    I really liked the part where you have an interesting fact, and an interesting and useful fact highlighted for an NPC. I would like to see more of that in the future (maybe for locations too).

  4. Thanks for the feedback so far guys! I appreciate this is the sort of thing you need to play through to properly review, so point taken.

    What I tend to do is have an initial idea over the weekend, play it through once (twice if schedules work out) with my playtest group and then do final edits before posting. In this case Jamie Mathews , the connection was totally too subtle for my group – I actually added in more of a connection (and at least the possibility of Remly being the quest-giver) in the final PDF. Perhaps it should be easier to find out his dad was dabbling in spells beyond his ken (the kind that turn you into slime if cast incorrectly!) 

    Anthony Giovannetti I’m sure I can add more interesting factoids for more NPCs and locations in the future! These PDFs are quite short as they’re based on weekly adventures – I do roughly 3 a month through Patreon. I’m aiming to release a new ‘feature-length’ adventure (like Shadows of Umberto) on DTRPG later this month – watch this space!

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