5 thoughts on “Has anyone done work with a DW hexcrawl?”

  1. One hex is one ration, or one day on my maps. Keeps everything flat and simple. I’ve started using the Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign hexploration tables to generate terrain/features and like them so far.

  2. Peter Johansen I was tempted, but thought it better to handle those by either springing an encounter of some sort or a custom move for the environment.

    I would much rather draw two hexes of mountains or swamp than tell people that swamps cost two rations. Draw bigger gaps between steadings. Big bad world!

  3. Hmm, fair enough. I seem to recall you could also draw maps and make routes from point A to B, labeling them in days it takes to travel, even though travel time and distance didn’t sync up. Was there a term for this type of map?

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