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  1. I would say that since it directly references the signature weapon, you have to take that move first. I don’t think advanced moves usually reference starting moves for their class.

  2. Reading the rules, I’m with Adrian Thoen on this.

    But I’d talk about it with the player. I’d let the PC do it if, in the fiction, there is a weapon they possess that has some meaning or to which they give some (maybe the Ranger got a dagger from his father or the bard found the legendary Axe of Kaïna the fey warrior). The weapon could then be used as the Signature Weapon, but without all the advantages from the SW move. Why not?

  3. Depends on why the player wants to do that and what the fiction is. There’s this guideline for borrowing starting moves themselves: https://plus.google.com/108941275253004747705/posts/LLqBFXgFeag Though it’s probably worth having someone who knows the rules better than I do weigh in.

    Alternately, if what really interests the player is making better weapons and they don’t care about warrior stuff, I came up with a blacksmithing CC that might be a better option: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u8a5IHT3X_1_yIXREO6pDqKDy47mNzV8qc2NafSY7aQ/edit

  4. I’m very new so take this with a grain of salt: 

    By the rules, it does seem that this would be a waste of a move. However, if he has acquired a weapon of such significance that he wants to take this move, then perhaps he should already have gained the signature weapon move from the fighter’s list through the fiction? 

  5. Explanation from Apocalypse World 

    If there’s a move in another playbook and it makes no mechanical sense for your character — like fortunes but you have no followers, for instance — then for goodness sweet sake don’t choose it. Choose a different move, one you can actually make. 

  6. Awesome feedback guys. Adrian Thoen you said advanced moves doesn’t usually reference starting moves, well what you say about Heirloom, Improved Weapon and Blacksmith? These moves are mentioning the Signature Weapon move.  This happens all the time.

  7. I’m with Joshua. The rules explicitly okay a wizard getting Divine Guidance if he earns the god of arcane knowledge’s favor, without having to “spend” a move on it upon leveling up. So if, fictionally, they get a signature weapon, then sure, they’ve got a signature weapon to use Blacksmith on.

  8. Alisson Vitório I should have clarified, they don’t usually list the starting move as a requirement, since the class will always have that move. It was poor wording choices on my part.

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