Ok guys so my group is playing pirate world.

Ok guys so my group is playing pirate world.

Ok guys so my group is playing pirate world. And we have been playing for a while and its awesome. We have lost three of the main characters and one has returned. Some are as high as level 7 and my character right now is a level 5 human slayer with the wereshark background. I have much enjoyed my character but I feel its time to put him on hold for a bit. I have always been the “tank” of the group. But I wsnt to try something new, step out of my comfort zone.

Herr is what I want: a medic or doctor / alchemist / professional thief. Instead of using stealth to rob people or castles I want to use science to do. Explosives and potions to melt or blast open doors. I am thinking House meets Albert Einstein meets Harry Houdini. Any thoughts on what I can do????

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  1. I took the werewolf background but because we are doing pirates and our world is full of water I became a were shark instead of wolf. And yeah I understand I can that I can but there are some moves from the medic that I like.

  2. Hey, I’m Matt’s GM. We did some pretty unorthodox things in our campaign (compendium classes as backgrounds, only 10 xp to level).

    My first response is to agree with what Tim Franzke has said: just be a doctor fictionally. If you really want mechanics, though, I would say maybe go with Alchemist and i could create a Medic CC to use as a background as well.

    Really it’ll all boil down to how you flavor it.

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