5 thoughts on “Behold!”

  1. Sorry forgot feedback… this is one tough cookie mate.  He can easily decimate lower level teams and his self healing makes magic users cringe.  GREAT concept and monster though.  As your tags stated this is a boss type creature what level is he going to devour with his maw?!

  2. No problem, great first reaction! Ha! I’m still tweaking him, but soon he’ll appear during a fight between four level three guys and a bunch of evil elves. The elves will be fodder while the party escape or attempt to defeat it.

  3. Holy crap that is an awesome monster. The fluffy fiction is extremely evocative. Thank you for adding this. Just, WOW! I don’t think it is too powerful, though it strikes me as better suited for a serious threat vs just another monster to be toppled by the group.

  4. I’m glad you like it, I really am! Hopefully they’ll be half beat up by the time he barges in unannounced, so they’ll run for it on the first encounter. Hopefully.

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