15 thoughts on “How long would an average Dungeon World game last?”

  1. I usually aim for 2-4 hours. Really, barring character creation and such, you can do some stuff in as little as 1-1.5 hours. So just go with the schedule you have available and flex your prep to suit!

  2. I ran a seven hour session the other night for my wife and three of my sons. I plan on running a game this evening for just my wife and have allotted only one and a half hours. It isn’t that the entire game will be wrapped up in the 1.5 hours, but we’ve agreed to pause wherever we’re at and pick it up later.

    If club meetings are reoccurring, this second method would probably work best. Nobody ever said you have to end sessions during a point of calm/rest/non-action. We often end in the middle of something exciting. That just means my players are more excited about playing next time and that when we start the session does so with a bang ^_^

  3. We have a five hour window — the last hour is our “sudden death overtime period” and after a quarter hour “arrival zone” the next half-hour is always spent chatting, so most of our sessions are about 3-3.5 hours.

  4. Because you make it up as you go along it lasts until you have to stop. One of your guys has to leave? Ok, the next door leads to the climactic encounter. Its as easy as that.

  5. I run a lot of Convention games which tend to be six hours for six people. In DW a MASSIVE amount of stuff can happen in six hours of gaming. But at home we usually run for about four hours. 

    As a side note I’ve found that an adventure that might have taken us three sessions in a game like D&D takes about one session in Dungeon World.

  6. I’d caution against putting a climactic encounter on the other side of a door. A few reasons:

    First, it’s against your job as a GM to portray a fantastic world. You’ve just changed the world to make a big show. 

    Second, be wary of knowing what is a climactic encounter. DW is very open to crazy plans and big rolls that can completely change something. You may not know what will be a big climactic fight.

    But the basic idea of saying “let’s see what’s on the other side of this door” and then wrapping up for the night is great.

  7. I was thinking of starting the group I was creating off with Pathfinder Beginner Box (or Red Box 4e D&D if they really insisted.) But everybody here would be happy to know that I’m coming to the conclusion that nothing beats Dungeeon World in terms of playability and time. Thanks!

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