10 thoughts on “Have I missed a link to the in-progress Inglorious battle rules?”

  1. Hey, I did that and got a nice note back from Adam, but no Adventurer’s Guild (it was still awesome to get a note from Adam). Is it possible that’s not a thing anymore?

  2. Adventurer’s Guild is still a thing, but Adam sometimes doesn’t send out a link to the download page. Email us again and say “Hey Adam, remember to ask Sage for the link to the Guild download page if you forgot it. You should have put it in this email.”

    We also email the Guild for each new thing we post.

  3. I emailed the Guild some time ago, but i put a link to an Italian post, on Gente che Gioca. Is it legal? or do I have to translate? I guarantee it was useful on that forum ;))

  4. Fantastic!! I Didn’t want to be a pain in the… But I’m SO curious about the mass combat.

    I’m a fan of this kind of thing since the Exalted MC rules came out.

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