Okay! First combat of the campaign was interesting. The party of four arrive in an antechamber and are looking at the doors to the tomb. I used the Fire Beetle stats for Kruthiks, just removing the flame gout.

They attacked the party from four holes in the walls, emerging one at a time to a total of 12, only one or two attacking anyone at a time. Half the party nearly died. They made their first camp outside  the doors of the dungeon in order to heal enough to enter  it.


7 thoughts on “Okay!”

  1. the tradeoff between camp and potions is the time invested and the risk involved. “Sure, you could camp here, and you might be able to rest long enough to heal some of your wounds, but something might interrupt or surprise you, or whatever lives in the dungeon will be able to prepare and be all the more deadly. What do you do?”

  2. Yeah, seriously, this is what poultices are for. Advance the clock for camp and think about what’s happening in the meantime, then make it clear that things in the dungeon have gotten worse because the party tipped them off and then stopped to rest.

    Then again, if this is the actual first session, people probably didn’t start with many healing items.

    Also, you owe the party 12d6 on the treasure table. Pop that in the dungeon somewhere.

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