I’ve released The Sorcerer for sale!

I’ve released The Sorcerer for sale!

Originally shared by Adrian Thoen

I’ve released The Sorcerer for sale!

The Sorcerer is a Playbook designed for use with Dungeon World and Inverse World. As The Sorcerer, you channel your constantly shifting emotions into powerful, wild magic with unusual results. So open up your heart, get in touch with your emotions, and let the magic fly!

If you want to preview the class, here’s a link to the Google drive document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z_AGe0v6WCybfcQ-nIlZcu5-rieYVUqoI1sjlHB_lP8/edit

The cover art is a lovely Creative Commons piece by artist Shari Chankhamma http://sharii.com/


8 thoughts on “I’ve released The Sorcerer for sale!”

  1. Thanks for the question Diego Minuti i

    “I focus my passion into the candles in the room, and with a touch of power they light.”

    “I don’t let the rain foul my mood and stay positive, and with a touch of power the droplets of water roll off me without getting me wet.”

    “I’m so curious about their conversation that with a touch of power I can make out their whispers in the crowded tap room.”

    It’s for small, subtle displays of magic that help you in little ways. 

  2. Adrian Thoen , sorry to dig up this post but I just bought this playbook and I feel like there’s an error in the Soulgazer move.

    It says that you can as 3 but answer 1, and then ask 2 and answer 2 (!) on a 7-9. Is it the other way?

  3. Thanks for the question Duccio Mondanelli! Yes, on the 7-9 result, you reveal as much of yourself as you see of the other being.

    I may edit in that line at a later date to make it clearer. 

    On a 10+, you ask 3 and answer 1. You learn more, and give away less.

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