Greetings all!

Greetings all!

       Greetings all!  I am new to this community as well as DW. I have been gaming on and off since 1981. My first love is SPI’s Dragonquest which is for the most part an unknown system.  I have played other RPG’s over the years with the most being played while in high school and college. When ministry affords me the opportunity I like pass on my enjoyment of gaming to kindred souls. 

         I am looking forward to starting a DW groups sometime soon. While I love Dragonquest, I have grown a bit weary at times at how I have allowed Dragonquest to become Pathfinderized.  Nothing wrong with Pathfinder, it’s a great game, but with a group of six combat can become painfully long. I tend not to be a system knocker, play what you like and enjoy it.  Here is a link to the blog I run and it will link to any other sites that might interested you. – Padre

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  1. you’ll have to let us know how it goes! I started out with the Legend system( It was VERY tactical, and combat took ages, but more importantly, it took a long time for me to plan out encounters, and they always seemed to be either WAY too easy, or nearly total party KO. 

    DW is much better, and I’m never going back. It fits my playstyle a lot better, and my group has gotten into it. 

  2. David Schirduan Thanks for the link and the invite, I joined your community over there.  Looking forward to future conversations.  I would agree with your comments about combat, in Dragonquest combat was either too easy or too deadly, hard to find the right medium.

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