10 thoughts on “Did someone try to import the 13th Age idea of the Icons in DW?”

  1. I started working on that. I was working on it with someone, I forgot who it’s been so long. lol I have about half of it worked out I think. Want me to pm you a link?

  2. Vasiliy Shapovalov wouldn’t be playing the Icons a big shift in assumption for the game? DW pcs are larger than life heroes, but the Icons are demigods, and dungeon crawling wouldn’t be a satisfactory focus for the game. Also the moves should be probably written for the new power level.

  3. Paride Papadia I actually don’t think classe or basic moves need to be tuned to play 13A Icons’ level heroes. Bonds probably and GM principles as well, but classes would work. The post I refer to, though (couldn’t find it), operated on a different premise: kinda “Long time ago there was a Fighter who wrestled leviathans in the waters and dragons in the air. Now, he is all but considered a legent, but you know a part of him lives on inside you”.

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