13 thoughts on “Anyone know of a good Star Trek hack for DW?”

  1. I wouldn’t call it good, since it is specifically meant to run off World of Dungeons’ five-class/special ability model (and that’s a little limited for Trek) — but its playable and as much fun as WoDu is.

  2. World of Dungeons is an answer to a joke question: if DW were the latest version of a classic RPG (analogous to D&D 5e, for example) what would DW 0e look like?

    It cuts DW down to one move, and uses simple classes with five moves (‘special abilities’) and a skill system. It was available to all Kickstarter backers, but now is available to everyone. I love WoDu.

  3. World of Dungeons is sort of a “what if Dungeon World had a previous edition”; if Dungeon World is AD&D 2e or D&D 3.x, then World of Dungeons is Whitebox D&D.

    I suggested Apocalypse World over Dungeon World because, to me, Star Trek doesn’t seem like it would be a class-based game.

  4. Marshall Miller has some good suggestions for other games.   Depends on what the game is to be about.

    Exporing sci-fi?  Yeah, Shock: Human Contact.

    The crew’s adventure and relationships?  Lady Blackbird would be a great choice.

    If you want to save the universe, or die trying, look at Our Last Best Hope.  For the newer movies, you could probably play a pretty good Misspent Youth about it.

    But sticking with AW/DW, Christopher Stone-Bush is right – start with Apocalypse World.  Dungeon World puts a lot in to that system to make it more like D&D, none of which you really need if you’re playing a Star Trek game.  There’s a list of AW hacks here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nPfff5dSHsk__rFHGQfLaAmb3ns680s_Fc0CSNlhfFA/edit?pli=1#heading=h.c96xbwiq6wwh

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