I think The Psychic is one of the first base classes I tried to write up.

I think The Psychic is one of the first base classes I tried to write up.

I think The Psychic is one of the first base classes I tried to write up. I’ve come back to it a few times to try to polish it up. You all are so brilliant, though, so I figured I post it here for any feedback you may like to provide. 

I tried to make this class differ a little from the other awesome classes with similar ideas, like the Mentalist, Fortune Teller and the Psion. This is more of what I’d think of as a television-celebrity style character, with the possibility for paths to either focus on mind reading and control, psychokinesis, or reading omens.

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  1. I like this a lot. You have done a great job bringing this concept to life. This character seems really powerful. I like it =D.

    I have a question regarding the Reincarnation move. Is the point of this move that if my PC dies, my new PC (even non-psychics) can utilize the dead PCs Implement? If my new PC is this same playbook, could I have two different Implements then? Obviously upon recovery =P

  2. I also like this a lot!


    1) Psychic link: The “take 1d6 damage” option in the 7-9 seems a bit much. I would change it to being stunned only.  

    2) How is Telepathy different from Read Mind? 

    3) The Seance and Tarot moves don’t seem to quite thematically consistent? I mean, does Judge Anderson read the Tarot? (I don’t know, I did not read the comics but only saw the movies)

  3. Marques Jordan That was my thought with the Reincarnation move. You’re basically opting to forgo a level-up move now to add an interesting twist (and story) to your next character. If it made sense in the story that your next character was also a psychic, then you could gain two implements when you start.

  4. Wynand Louw 

    1 – Good point, especially since you would most likely be defying danger if you wanted to link with an enemy, and the result of that move may also result in taking damage.

    2 – Telepathy is communication, so the link can’t be forced to reveal anything it doesn’t want to. Read Mind is digging deeper. It allows you to invade the link’s mind without permission. I’ll see if I can help clarify the difference between the two.

    3 – I can see what you’re saying. Tarot especially as it’s written is a little out of place. It’s more of a parlor trick style implement than anything. Seance, too is a little off. More likely would be that the character doesn’t need to gather others to contact the dead. I’ll spend some time thinking about this. Thanks!

  5. One possibility I’m considering is to swap out the brass candleholder for a “Spirit Board” implement. Here’s the proposed move:

    Your spirit board is covered in letters and numbers. It also has an empty area of slate where you may use chalk to draw up to five temporary symbols, pictures or words. When you place a stone on the board and call forth the spirit of someone dead, roll+CHA. You may ask the spirit as many questions as you wish, and it will answer truthfully by moving the stone across the board. The spirit can make a number of moves with the stone equal to what you rolled. 

  6. For what its worth Alex Barrett, I really enjoyed the Tarot and Seance moves. Tarot could be reworked to be cooler but I would hate to see it removed outright. Seance should be reworked to allow the PC to use a trade tool of their choice (crystal ball, candles, ouija board, spirit vessel [usually their own body], table rapping to answer yes or no questions, word tiles, rune reading, etc…).

    Tarot cards could be added in here too as a tool but I really like the “learn a secret about one of your clients” option on the Tarot implement. Seems like a great way to mine for information or introduce new story hooks. I feel they add to the fictional strength of the playbook concept. Your proposed ouija move seems limiting compared to other cool possibilities. I would hate either of these implements go.

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