World of Metal and Bone

World of Metal and Bone

World of Metal and Bone

Just shilling this project on Kickstarter whose first stretch goal is amazing.  The folks at Sand and Steam are producing a rpg book of epic norse fantasy.  Dwarven Mecha vs humans mystically bound to the bones of giants, in a fantastic war.

The first stretch goal is a full Dungeon World interpretation of the setting, with holdfast generation and other gems. Paul Stefko is writing it and I thought people might want to know.

3 thoughts on “World of Metal and Bone”

  1. ooh, how exciting! I would back this, but I blew my budget on Johnstone Metzger’s stuff. Blame him for making quality projects. 

    This looks like gurren lagann meet’s dungeon world. I can dig it.

  2. Aw ya, hooverin the benjamins ova hea. But this looks interesting. I hope they can get the right balance of coherent setting and taking advantage of what each different system is good at highlighting.

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