Quick double-post before I turn in!

Quick double-post before I turn in!

Quick double-post before I turn in! I’ve been working on a few things over the holidays, and I thought I share them with you. First is the Artificer for my almost-done Eberron supplement. “But why make an Artificer when there’s already Jacob Randolph ‘s Artificer and Johnstone Metzger ‘s Technician?” you ask. Well, mine’s specifically designed to resonate with the Eberron setting. And while you could run a game with any one of these, or all three (note to self: run that game!), I approached the class in a different manner then either of them did.


So let me know what you think!

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  1. I loooooove this! Will you be making any other classes for your Eberron setting?

    For the AM Masterpiece, what constitutes an artifact?

    The AM Infusion has a typo. It starts When you spend you an hour… The second occurrence of you probably shouldn’t be there.

    Have you had a chance to play with this class in a game yet? Also, any chance you could link to that post or thread where Adam was going over the new tags? And did you create the elemental-based tags?

  2. I love it! Are artifacts supposed to be unique magical items like the ones presented in Dungeon World? Do Artifacts qualify as ‘magic items’ for the purposes of your moves? Maybe you could distinguish between items you’ve infused with magic tags and Artifacts and say they’re both magic items – you could call the former Imbued Items.

    In regards to tags, how does an item with the Bane tag express its hatred? It’s not very clear. What does the ‘Hurled’ tag mean? When would you need a magic tag to be able to throw something? Maybe you could replace the Hurled tag with a Returning tag which causes the things you throw to fly back to your hands. What does it mean that something with the Defender tag “can block an attack” – can’t anything potentially block an attack? And why do I have to choose between that and +1 armour? In regards to the Glamour tag, I’d insert a clause which says items can only be transformed into something of roughly the same size.

    At what rate does something with the Life-Leech tag drain life? Does it have a damage dice? your class damage maybe? And where does the life go once it’s drained – can it heal you? Can it fuel something? How brilliant is the light emitted by something with the Light tag – equal to a lamp, the sun?  This is also relevant if you’re trying to figure out how a move like Applied Phlebetonium scales. How does the Mystic tag allow me to roll+Int instead of my other stats? What’s the fictional justification? Think about folding the Shadow tag into your other elemental tags – “Shadowy”.

    In regards to your other moves: Consider adding a benefit to Workshop which allows your workshop to travel around via blimp, train, caravan – whatever! Is there any limit to the number of times I can use Repair Construct? Applied Phlebetonium needs some rough guidelines on how items scale with spent adventuring gear. Are magic item tags added with Unparallelled Craftsman able to be restored even if that would leave your total tags above INT?

    I hope this helps!

  3. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll edit the PDF today. Matt Horam what are you looking for in a kalashtar ranger? I’ll absolutely write a move (it might even go in the book!) but I need to know your intent.

  4. Giovanni Lanza While I was (eagerly) awaiting your supplement, I wrote a few simple racial moves. My Kalashtar was going to be applicable to any class:

    Kalashtar: Telepathy (Near), and Mental Shield: +1 ongoing to Defy psychic effects and reduce their damage by one. Once per day you can extend the shield to a wider field (Hand). When using the Mental Shield, the Quori vies for control.

  5. Matt Horam what about:

    “Your ‘animal companion’ is actually a projection of your quori spirit made manifest. Give it +1 Cunning (but not another training). and the intelligent strength.” I am working on Racial Classes (like Andri Erlingsson ‘s Elf, Dwarf, and Halfling classes) for the Changeling, Kalashtar, Shifter, and Warforged, but I don’t think you need racial moves like that.

    John Polack  I plan on releasing it as soon as I’m done, which should be soon. I’ve only got a couple sections left to go, like organizations and locations.

  6. Giovanni Lanza, should I place any restrictions on what items can be infused, or just any object, anytime? My player wants to infuse a random skull with Contact Spirits…

  7. Does the item fall within the area of expertise? Typically, it’s a tag, like “Ghostbuster: You can bind a spirit to this plane by touching it with the item, preventing it from phasing away.”

  8. In my house-ruled version, I’m tempted to add a 2-5 move allowing spell infusions on Eberron shard items and 6-10 move allowing elemental bindings on Khyber shard items…because I am scared to allow elemental binding at level 1.

  9. Really? Why? I think their utility is balanced by how limited they are. They can basically only infuse elementals, but they can do a lot with them. But, whatever works man.

  10. Giovanni Lanza How do you invisage the elemental binding? I ask because my player is going to encounter some minor elementals in a combat soon and I know he will want to catch one. Infusion takes an hour, so I was wondering what the concept for acquiring elementals was in your mind.

  11. Well, you know they have to use a Khyber shard, so he could set up a trap (think Ghostbusters) to bind the elemental into the shard, then when he infuses he can choose to transfer the binding to something more useful than a spare shard. Remember to ask lots of questions, especially if he decides to make elemental-bound items before then. “How’d you bind this elemental? Why haven’t you used it before now?” that sort of thing. Be a fan of the characters!

  12. Giovanni Lanza Cool, thanks. I wrote a couple of custom moves based on the Lesser Planar Binding spell in the d20 SRD. He should be happy with that.

  13. When you attempt to trap a lesser elemental in a Khyber dragonshard by calling its true name, draw the magic circle and roll+INT. On a 10+, the creature is trapped and bound to your service for now. On a 7-9, it is trapped but will attempt to escape at the next opportunity. On a miss, it is enraged.

    When you assert your will to hold a trapped elemental, roll+CHA. On a 10+, it submits. On a 7-9, it demands something of you. On a miss, it breaks free. Its behaviour once free depends upon your treatment as its captor.

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