In addition to the Artificer I posted a few seconds ago, I’d like to unveil the Psion!

In addition to the Artificer I posted a few seconds ago, I’d like to unveil the Psion!

In addition to the Artificer I posted a few seconds ago, I’d like to unveil the Psion! While I didn’t actually make this class (credit goes to Sergio Rodriguez [who I couldn’t find on G+ for the life of me] and Alexander Davis  [who I could]) I did create the manifesting system, which was designed to emulate the D&D Psion.

So let me know what you think!

8 thoughts on “In addition to the Artificer I posted a few seconds ago, I’d like to unveil the Psion!”

  1. I read the entire PDF but I dont really understand what this character can do or what it would look like in play. Do I need to be familiar with the D&D Psion for this to click?

  2. If it helps, the D&D Psion is roughly the D&D Wizard but with a somewhat flexible spell point/mana system. The language looks more sci-fi and telepathy is front and center, but that’s the short version.

    So I think the 3rd page (Psionic Disciplines) is essentially his spell list, and when you cast them (using Manifest Psionic Power), you expend Focus to add tags to them to define what they do. When you cast Clairsentience (aka Divination) you can make it as simple (“Enhance” my sense of “Smell”) or as complicated (“Sense” the “Sight” of “Another Person” who is “Far Away”… more or less scrying on them) as you desire.

    Is that about right?

  3. A few things to think about…

    I don’t know that Speak to Minds need to overcome language barriers. The way people think and what symbols mean to them is very dependent upon the language they use. Even if you aren’t using words, you probably still cannot communicate with someone whose thinking is ordered for a language system you do not understand.

    See Secrets is probably just way too broad. Maybe if it was an object or person you touched you could see either an important event from their past (without context) or a possible future for them.

    Your Psychic Disciplines don’t really seem well-balanced enough against one another to really seem like options. In fact, some of these are naturally quite narrow and might be best turned into advanced moves.

    I would suggest making Synestheia simpler by allowing you to sense the present location of those around you by detecting their minds and souls even if you are blind and deaf.

  4. You need to work on the discipline list. I can see you’re trying to make it work like Factors in the Burning Engine, but you’re saying to pick something from every list – if you want to Enhance your own Sight, what tags do you pick from each of the four lines to do that?

    Your total pool of Focus will go from, hmm, let’s call it 17 to 28 as you level up. It seems like your own intelligence score is a hugely dominant factor in calculating it. And unlike the Wizard, who could attract unwanted attention until the cows came home and never run out of spells if they don’t want to, you’re always going to spend Focus, even on a miss, meaning you can get to the point where your entire schtick shuts down.

    Also, Psychic Warrior and Psychic Hero have the exact same use text, as far as I can tell.

  5. Marty H successfully laid it out for me. I didn’t get the disciplines or how to interpret them. I understand now that when you choose a discipline that you pick an option from each line within that disciplines description. Yea and thanks Marty ^_-.

    Now that I understand, very very cool. I like the cut of your jib Giovanni Lanza. You create some amazingly evocative playbooks. Will these be part of a larger product in the future or are these stand alone fan creations?

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