7 thoughts on “Lets say i play a Merfolk Sky Dancer.”

  1. on a related note, i found a lot of similarities between Escape Route and Rocket Man – is this intentional? Is there something i am missing? 

    With Escape Route i say how i want to get to X, with Rocket Man i just say “i want to be at X”. What am i missing there? 

  2. Well, if you think that the ability to fly underwater is more important than your method of flight, then I think Water Dancer would be a fair trade for the other move.

  3. “The Rain-blessed are as varied as the fish in the sky – every single Rain-blessed comes with the blessing of a different kind of fish, and they vary immensely as a result.”

    The answer to your OP question is pretty obviously “Maybe. Do you?”

  4. huston todd

    I agree. Rocket Man is more about “getting to a destination in time” when there is already a path there.  Escape Plan is more about “getting out of this dangerous spot” without necessarily having a destination in mind.

    Could you read Rocket Man as allowing you to magically teleport yourself out of some oubliette filling with poison gas? At least as much as you could read Bend Bars Lift Gates as allowing a fighter to punch through the earth to China. But you’re coloring pretty far outside the lines at that point, which is OK if that’s how your IW is played.

  5. Well I’d think since race/species doesn’t play a big role in Inverse World beside an ascetic choice, you don’t gain anything from being a particular race unlike Grim World or Dungeon World. Plus the Merfolk are often found in the Cloud Sea which is a sea of clouds and not water. 

    In response to your similarities between Rocket Man and Escape Route, there are similarities if you boil it down. They function different purposes as Rocket Man is particularly for getting from A to B (i.e. being there to catch a person falling or getting to the exit before an enemy can escape) while I see Escape Route, only usable in a situation where you need to escape from something.

    Escape Route seems to me the move to complete remove yourself from a situation. For examples let’s say your character has been ambushed by some members of a thieves guild, if you use Rocket Man it could remove you from the situation, like it maneuvers you into a better position but using Escape Route you leave the situation completely, you are gone (assuming you fully succeed). 

    That’s my take on those two situations. 

  6. Just because you might be able to swim and breathe underwater doesn’t mean you might automatically be able to use your flying thing underwater. Wings get wet, gears get rusted, and there’s all that extra water weight.

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