7 thoughts on “Anyone running any games tonight? I went on a DTRPG binge and want to play some new classes.”

  1. Buffalo Salesmen 

    When you come into some buffalo you can sell, you may take this class when you level up. 


    When you investigate the whereabouts of a buffalo herd roll 2d6+Wis, On a 10 you know where the buffalo can be found and what the condition of the herd is. On 7-9 you have a general idea of where to find buffalo.

    Meat Extortion

    When you are too pushy with a sale and are asked to leave Roll 2d6+Cha On a 10+ They will pay whatever they need to make you leave the premises. On a 7-9 They require proof that you will no longer be a problem, Or will resort to violence.

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