One of my players wants to play a weaponsmith, so I’ve been trying to come up with moves that will hopefully…

One of my players wants to play a weaponsmith, so I’ve been trying to come up with moves that will hopefully…

One of my players wants to play a weaponsmith, so I’ve been trying to come up with moves that will hopefully eventually be a complete class, or at least a compendium. The central move I’ve been working on is intended to create powerful magical weapons. I’ve been tweaking it for a bit, trying to decide if I like it better than some of the existing magical-item enchanting moves. I would be grateful for any critiques you can offer:

Art of the Forge

When you use a source of power to imbue a weapon you are forging, explain how the source creates the effect and what the weapon move and trigger will be, then roll +XP spent. On a 10+, it comes to pass as you intended. On a 7-9, choose one, and the GM will tell you the result, appropriate to the degree of power:

* The trigger is different: more complex, more dangerous, has an added cost, or just completely different. 

* The effect is different: an unintended side effect, an inverted outcome, or just something different.

On a miss, something bad happens.

Suggested Moves:

…it cuts through any lesser weapon.

…it fights on its own.

…it burns with an unholy flame.

…it leaps to its owner’s hand.

…it anticipates and parries the movements of lesser swords.

…it has a monster instinct: to slay evil.

or write your own.

Suggested Triggers:

When you wield this weapon in the light of a full moon…

When the right word is spoken…

When it has tasted your blood…

When it is in the presence of an elf…

When wielded by a grandmaster of the sword-art…

When used to defend the innocent…

or write your own.

Suggested Move Complications:

…and it attracts the attention of something fell or fae.

…and it cannot be sheathed until it has spilled blood.

…and the sight of it inspires greed in onlookers.

…and possessing it gives prophetic nightmares.

…and it acts on an agenda of its own.

…it has a monster instinct: to slay evil.

or something else

Suggested Trigger Complications:

…and it has also tasted innocent blood…

…and it has previously slain something you love…

…and it is in daylight…

…and you obey its cursed whispers… 

…and you have taken a vow of poverty…

…and you lose 1 hitpoint…

…and you are standing on earth or stone…

or something else

13 thoughts on “One of my players wants to play a weaponsmith, so I’ve been trying to come up with moves that will hopefully…”

  1. Haven’t finished writing them yet, but I’ve got a few I’ve been kicking around:


    When you use your secret art to forge a mundane weapon, describe the weapon you are attempting to forge, including a base description, a range, and a look, then roll+STR. On a 10+, you add 3 mundane tags, and the GM adds 1. On a 7-9, you add 2 and the GM adds 2. On a miss, you still get the weapon, but something bad happens.

    (intended to give a way to make a special weapon to start enchanting)


    When you give an item a Destiny, intone the words of the command and roll +WIS. On a hit, the item will attempt to carry out that Destiny, and gains the Geas of Destiny move. On a 7-9, also choose 1:

    * The Destiny’s effects are more widespread than intended

    * The Destiny has unforeseen consequences

    * The Destiny is taken too literally

    * The Destiny takes hold of something other than the intended item.

    Geas of Destiny

    When you act in accord with a Destiny and against your best interests, mark XP.

    And a move to specifically create a weapon with it’s own monster-style instinct (and maybe moves).

  2. Marshall Brengle That might work, especially if I tweak a couple of things. I like coming up with custom moves, but I’ll gladly take a complete class instead!

  3. Though that Artificer is a bit more general with machines and all, and I was thinking more along the lines of a legendary blacksmith. Though that might work better with a different move as the base.

  4. Oh gosh, Marshall Brengle I can’t believe you found my Artificer! That’s hilarious! …it’s also outdated. I’ve been working on an updated version. I won’t be able to access my computer for a bit, as I’m on vacation, but I’ll revise the page as soon as I can. The infusion move is actually what is getting the most revision.

  5. Okay then, maybe a few more moves would be good. But remember that the character’s lives should be filled with adventure. What does a legendary weaponsmith do with his time? What moves could help him explore the dungeon?

  6. Well, if it’s a CC instead of a base class, then it’s not really as important. Their base class covers most of the adventuring stuff. I mean, just look at the landed gentry.

  7. I’m definitely leaning CC at this point; though keeping the adventure in mind is probably a good idea anyway.

    I’m thinking there probably needs to be something about gathering the raw materials and something about making the swords themselves.

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