Has anyone created an alternate druid?

Has anyone created an alternate druid?

Has anyone created an alternate druid? I like a lot about the druid with its focus on shape shifting. That said, I feel like the shape shifter move could be more nifty.

Instead of studied essence and born of the soil… how about aspects. When shape shifting the druid rolls +WIS as usual but also chooses three aspects. Aspects are animal qualities that the druid can mix and match, like wings or digging claws. Hold is still spent in the way we are used to but the moves are drawn directly from the aspects chosen. This also means the druid could become hybrid creatures (wings, quadruped, hooves equal a pegasus!). It also means that advanced moves could add magical aspects like breathes fire, gaze turns to stone and fiery aura.

What say you, good folk of the Tavern?

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  1. Isn’t that kinda like this?

    Chimera – When you shapeshift, you may create a merged form of up to three different shapes. You may be a bear with the wings of an eagle and the head of a ram, for example. Each feature will grant you a different move to make. Your chimera form follows the same rules as shapeshifter otherwise. 

  2. Truth. It is an awesome move… but I’m just not entirely enamored with studied essence and born of the soil. My vision for the druid makes chimera the norm, I guess.

    So now I’m using the DW playbook template to re-write the druid a bit. I’m trying to create a list of interesting aspects. I think this will produce specialties that are, in my opinion, more interesting than environment.

  3. Not necessarily less druid. Druids have different flavors to different people. If you still want it “animal” oriented you could look at Giant or Dire variation moves or even more supernatural “animals” like owlbear (instead of aspect mixing).

    Personally, I’m not a fan of the classic D&D Druid. I would lean more toward a Totemist/Skinwalker bent.

  4. I definitely understand the sentiment that my idea isn’t very druid like and that is fine. I think my idea could co-exist with the original just fine, however.

    Lord Khaalis Yeah, so far my thoughts are that players choose 5 aspects to begin with and then another at every odd-numbered level. Small and Large are aspects, as well as Spinnerets and Camouflage and other such goodies.

    I think aspect choices will be permanent. One advanced move might allow the druid to change one aspect with an hour of concentration.

  5. I didn’t.

    My intention was to take a cue from the free form nature of the original shapeshift move but put a little structure around it. Now you spend hold to make moves based on your aspects. Of course, aspects help with narrative concerns as well.

    Form crafter and form shaper are still the two moves you must take to get stat bonuses.

    That said… originally, I had each aspect paired with +1 armor, +1 damage, n/a and +1 ongoing during [x] situation. But it felt a little too gamey on paper.

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