7 thoughts on “Here’s my caller class.”

  1. I like the first page – the Bonds, the Alignments the opening moves, all that. You’ve got a solid grip on the concept. I’m a little less excited about the advancements. There’s a lot of take +1, add a new monster, etc without many “when you do x” which is what really gets me going on a DW class. Some ideas: When you try to calm a raging monster. When you enter a monster’s lair. When you release a monster from your service. When you summon a monster in an inappropriate location. 

  2. I think the fact that you have to roll to reclaim a monster is awesome, however, the 7-9’s feel like they would make me feel that it’s more of a burden than an ability and perhaps they could have more to do with the specific nature of the move. Like, you can still recall it, but it resists you or it does something else that hinders you or your party before doing so, like destroying something unintentionally. I like the beastmaster move. Could be interesting if a roll determined the abilities you get, like 10+ gives you all three but a 7-9 gives you one or two, and the other is controlled by the animal still.

  3. Hi, a monster attacking you at zero holds will make everybody want to reclaim it as a last action, right? Good economy…

    1) Did you try this option: “at 0 holds the monster is reclaimed as a 7-9 result”, by chance?

    2) King of Monsters lets you call a big bad, make Him do one cool thing and then turn around at you, with just one hold. Am I missing something?

    The rest is very interesting, eve the way you monsters add to your skills even when they’re not present. This sets them apart from Animal Companions

    Maybe I’d just change some fluff, for those who like the concept, but not the cartoon (like the cultist/friend playbook).

  4. I’ll have to ponder this one some more… but my immediate thought is that perhaps commanding monsters should work more like the druid’s shape shifting. They can do stuff for as long as you have hold but when you spend it, that is when they do something unique and/or unstoppable.

  5. Great idea. I’d echo the request for more flavour – some more detailed examples of monsters and minions would be a good way of doing this, I think. The introduction on page 3 is very cool, though!

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