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  1. I’d love to see a detailed, fillable Front planner or other organizational tools. And ideas, ideas, ideas… from NPCs to adventure hooks, starting questions, fantastic scenes/locations, etc. Maybe even session recaps to draw ideas from. Cant wait! Let us know when it’s up.

  2. Yep and I hope it continues too! It is a great community 😀 Although I find the lack of free adventures a bit troubling. With other RPG’s we see (D&D, Pathfinder, etc) you find a slew of adventures and it got me thinking… it may be that there are no real good tools for planning them out. I am aiming to build those tools 🙂 Hoping that more people will post their adventures on the site. Heck, ill continue to post content in this community well after the site is launched 😀 I love you guys 🙂

  3. Hey Clay, no I wasn’t referencing your post but I do agree that unfinished items would be fine. Maybe have the ability to set a percentage done? like “How much left until completed? 55%”

  4. There are plenty of communities for the other *World games. Primarily, the Apocalypse World/powered by the apocalypse community is the one to post on (since everything is derived from it). Otherwise, an Apocalypse World community exists, as does a Monster of the Week group. I haven’t checked on Monsterhearts or Saga of the Icelanders though.

  5. if you talk to Sage LaTorra , he can give you info about the wiki, which is currently under construction, and will be a place for compiling items, monsters, and playbooks.

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