Has anybody purchased the Dark and Twisted bundle on RPGNow?

Has anybody purchased the Dark and Twisted bundle on RPGNow?

Has anybody purchased the Dark and Twisted bundle on RPGNow? It says it has four classes in it but the product details column on the right says it is only two pages. So these can’t be character sheets. Yet it is $8.00. I’m really curious what the product is exactly. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. They ‘re four full base classes. At first, there were many typos, and some mechanics were unclear to me; now, the author has fixed (almost) them all. He apologized for that, and said he had some twenty (IIRC) more classes to publish.

  2. Were you happy with the purchase? Have you had a chance to use any of them yet? Are they character sheets or is it more like a word document list? Is it only two pages? That seems like a lot of information for only two pages? Do each have 20 or so Advanced Moves or? Any info would really help me decide on making a purchase =D

  3. I was happy, not five star, but very intrigued. Didn’t have a chance to play with them yet. They are four FULL classes, in PDF playbook format, with advanced moves and proper mechanics. Its definitely NOT only 2 pages long. It’s 2 pages per playbook. They are 4 separate files, so the count may refer only to the first of them.

    My opinion: the writer was an enthusiastic first timer, so the result is not fully OK; but I gave some feddback, and he responded promptly, and made changes, corrections and explanations.

    Do you have the Mage-Templar-Cleric playbooks? They underwent many revisions, and that’s the way, for me.

  4. I really appreciate this information Diego Minuti . I haven’t picked up the Mage-Templar-Cleric playbooks yet, but they are first on my list of upcoming DW purchases. I’ve been going through everything on DTRPG and trying to figure out what is worth purchasing. Thank you very much =)

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