Brennan OBrien , calling people cultists and implying strongly that they are “automatons” and then killing the…

Brennan OBrien , calling people cultists and implying strongly that they are “automatons” and then killing the…

Brennan OBrien , calling people cultists and implying strongly that they are “automatons” and then killing the thread is like ending a conversation with “uhn-uh, cause yer a doody-head” and then running away with your hands over your ears.

Nobody was insulting or condescending to you.  You posted a thing about wanting to use DW in a way that it wasn’t designed to work, and then a (relatively) complicated “fix”.  People pointed out why that was inefficient and clumsy compared to the base rules, and some offered suggestions of ways to play that would give as good or better results without all of the backwards work.

I wasn’t going to post anything myself, because I try not to “poo-poo” ideas, even if I think they’re broken.  However, since everybody else already pointed out the flaws of your proposed fix, I thought it might be helpful to sum up the core of what was said.

(Just because people don’t like bad changes to the rules, doesn’t mean that they’re intolerant to changes in the rules.)

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  1. Having read through that thread (catching up after work!), I think the OP was a touch defensive. The points being made by others were valid. My personal question would have been why not add granularity to D&D and be done with it? That wouldn’t be insulting (I hope) and would make more sense than tweaking DW to behave like D&D with granularity to the rolls.

    He seems to believe that the Tavern is hostile to proposed changes and/or hacks, but that simply isn’t true. The problem folks had with his particular “tinkering” was that it is essentially taking DW and turning it more into one of those infamous, D&D hopeful, fantasy heartbreakers. Because few really liked the idea or even considered it worth doing (due to the level of tweaking it required for the outcome), he felt personally attacked.

    At any rate, the sudden outburst about cultism, bibles and whatnot was out of line, especially with the closing of the thread thereafter, so I totally understand this post, Jason Smith.

  2. Shadi Alhusary , it’s not a personal attack, although it is certainly a personalized response to a public message.  Even then, I’m not really proud of it.  A fellow publicly called out a group of which I was a member, and then stormed off, closing the thread, effectively avoiding any responsibility for his rather insulting statements.

    But I’ll admit that not bothering with it at all would have been the higher road.

  3. I feel bad if I chased someone off. Reading my comments again, I don’t think I was condescending. I just provided feedback the OP didn’t seem to want to hear.

    I’ve had projects I’ve asked for public feedback on ripped to shreds and it’s not an easy thing to take. If someone asks for feedback though, I think it should be honest feedback, and not just sugar coated agreement. Otherwise it’s not helpful.

    That being said, I will try to be nicer in the futute. Just on principle.

  4. There’s not many places ttrpg folk go to express ideas. I think questioning why someone wants to do something is fine; it can help determine what the problem to solve is, as opposed to seeing if a solution works for an unknown problem.

    That said, when someone discusses rules changes, even if it adds a feature you don’t like, telling them their efforts aren’t worthwhile isn’t necessary. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all, right? Same thing goes for unconstructive criticism in a creative community, which this essentially is.

    I’m not here because I think DW is perfect. If it was, we’d never need to talk about a rule, an interpretation, etc. Its not my favorite system, either. It is, however, a very good example and reminder of what ive been into ttrpgs for, for many years: Story and a framework for character and relationship development system within.

    Tldr already so I’ll end. Helping someone enjoy THEIR game when they ask for opinions is probably the best place to start.

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