24 thoughts on “What is the most insane thing you have seen in a DW game?”

  1. just random memories:

    – a hybernated lich from the future

    – a Secretary of the Treasury (sorta) that was also a gold thirsty dragon under disguise

    – a ruinous castle full of undead guards torn to pieces by the wizard and the barbarian riding a snow white Roc (formerly known as the druid)

  2. Nikitas Thlimmenos Wait, when you say “gold thirsty,” do you mean greedy, or do you mean that he actually enjoyed the taste of molten gold? Because I could understand both of these.

  3. My elf wizard who was an atheist (as we had determined in prep that the elves had outgrown their gods in favor of a self-deterministic society) discovering the power of the divine over the course of the adventure. After blowing a roll pretty spectacularly, he made a bargain with the elven gods to be their champion and bring their glory back to the elven people. It was a very powerful moment in the game. Which was impressive, given it was a one-shot.

  4. you’re right, Joshua 🙂

    nope, he was just greedy. Was looking for some rare gems that the PCs had, just to add them to his collection. But the gems were also quite useful in some powerful rituals, so thr PCs thought he was a lich for the whole time! It was fun.

  5. Our Brute was down to 1 HP and tied to a log hanging horizontally over a pit to be sacrificed to an emerging elder god (think Dagon). The other party members had just arrived in the chamber with a group of pirates and started an all out war with the cultists.

    In the fray, our Fanatic was thrown down some stairs and as he failed his defy danger roll and tumbled into the pit, the Brute broke free, grabbed him, and used his momentum to toss the Fanatic in an arc back toward the cultist, who he decapitated in mid-air.

    Many high fives were had that night.

  6. One of my favorite memories was when our party was on a ship, traveling across the sea, when a string of murders started. In between some sea monsters and enemy ships, one of our own crew was slowly eliminating everyone. 

    When we finally discovered the murderer, and confronted him on the deck, our Templar decided that he’d had enough, jumped in a row boat, and completely abandoned the rest of the party to fight this horrible wizard. 

    When the party found him in a nearby port (which he only survived through some very lucky rolls) He had cast off his beliefs and commitment, and switched out for the Fool playbook.

    hilariously funny.

  7. One character, through multiple aced last breath rolls + the flatliner CC, ended up becoming buddies with the incarnation of death, having a sort of buddy cop / sitcom love-hate relationship.

    My players frequently antagonize gods and avatars. It’s worked out so far.

    Last session, the PCs + a really annoying NPC encountered the entrance to an ancient dwarven wayfortress. The NPC got used as an impromptu trap-finder…

    Lots more I can’t think of right now. 🙂

  8. The party encountered a rather large pack of wolves in a cave, working with our Druid as translator I negotiated safe passage by offering up a ritual that would make the wolves scentless, invisible, and silent for one month. The wolves ran wild in the nearby town. Good times.

  9. I’m not sure how “insane” this is, but it was definitely fun: the party was having a tough time doing damage to a chuul, owing to its thick chitin. The druid had the brilliant idea to turn into a tiny lizard and crawl into the crack one of the characters managed to make. From there, he turned back into a man, exploding open the chuul’s shell. The problem was a 7-9 roll was made for that maneuver, which caused the druid’s human head to be caught between a tight piece of the chitin and the chuul flesh. The party had to free the druid’s head before dispatching the chuul (the druid was suffocating).

    Ultimately, they managed to kill the chuul and then dined on the delicious flesh (which I deemed was the equivalent of 10 rations). 

  10. In our last session, there was a fight with goblins on a hanging bridge over an underground chasm… wherein all three PCs ended up hanging on the underside of the bridge at some point. At least in the paladin’s case it was a result of a missed roll, the other two did it on purpose. Wasn’t a bad tactic either, being able to stab/unbalance the opponents from below while mostly covered from their attacks.

  11. The PC’s are following a caravan, through a great desert. At a oasis (a Dead magic zone) they are attacked by Orcs.

    Near the end of the battle, the Wizard finds himself pinned up against a wagon, with a few caravan guards at his side.

    When orc axes starts to swing a bit too close to his neck and beautiful hair, he uses the guards as human shields, “sacrificing” them one by one while crying for help.  

    The Thief decides to try and save the Wizards worthless hide, going full on Parcour style, jumping from wagon to wagon, diving in to hold the orcs at bay. Needless to say, the wizard was the only one not to meet death that day. (He didn’t even get a scratch, but the thief still goes into parcour mode whenever they are in trouble)

  12. I Wish for a Storm

    As the village is scrambling to put out the tower fire, Kent realizes that he won’t be able to be the hero of this situation. So turning to Gingersnap, he mutters, “I wish for a storm!”

    Below is the move for Gingersnap’s wish:

    When you grant a mortal’s wish, spend 1 Boon and roll +Wis. *On a 10+, you may choose up to 3. *On a 7-9, you may choose up to 2.

    The wish seems to give them what they want.

    The wish gives them what they need.

    You may choose whether the wish later brings them misfortune or not.

    You choose whether the wish has an immediate unpleasant side effects or not.

    Gingersnap got an 8, and chose no later misfortune for Kent and gives them what they need.

    Having already established the coming war between fairy and mortal, it was easy.

    From the fairy forest, sorrowful winds pick up, driving rain and gusts towards the village. Drenching the burning tower as thunder claps… vengeance…all so very fast…lightning strikes…Lady Sarah is struck…then the tower…exploding timbers…others struck…the rage passes.

    From a session recap at http://takeonrules.com/2013/12/06/fade-into-fey-session-2/

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