Hey Brandon Schmelz and Jacob Randolph it has been 2 months since the last update on the Kickstarter page.

Hey Brandon Schmelz and Jacob Randolph it has been 2 months since the last update on the Kickstarter page.

Hey Brandon Schmelz and Jacob Randolph it has been 2 months since the last update on the Kickstarter page. Myself and a few others have asked here on the G+ page about updates and we’ve gotten a few promises that updates are coming.

I’m incredibly excited about this project, but I’m starting to become less so simply because of the late nature of the project and the utter lack of communication. This is disappointing guys, you are better than that. I don’t like having to feel like a “bad guy” asking about status updates, but I feel like that is what it has come to. And that sucks. What’s worse is that I know I’m not the only one that feels like that.

Gents, we need an update. An art-lite pdf. Something. And sooner rather than later, especially since the pdf is now five months late. You need to give us something because it’s hard to keep enthusiasm about Inverse World high when we’ve got absolutely nothing to go on.

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  1. And if something’s just plain stuck or not working, let us know. Some of us have done game design ourselves, and a bunch more have watched the process and have a sense of how many things can hang up an make trouble. It’s much better to have the audience going “well, damn, that sucks” with a side of “is there anything we can do to help?” than “wtf is going on?”.

    Obviously something didn’t go as planned. We’d like to know what, and see what might help get over or around it.

  2. Agree with Bruce Baugh. The DW community is largely a community of game and system hackers, so I’m sure most of us would be more than happy to help out where we can.

    But that requires actual communication first.

  3. I agree completely. The lack of communication has been very frustrating. We have already given payment for a product that most of of are very excited about, but that excitement is fading due to not having any idea of where the product stands and if we will ever see a finished product. Any update is better than nothing.

  4. Alright. I’ve been nice and understanding so far, but now I’m frustrated.

    I posted this initial request to Brandon Schmelz and Jacob Randolph three days ago. In this three day time period I’ve seen Brandon pimp Grim Trigger and three other new Dungeon World playbooks through Funhaver. I’ve seen discussion about designing other games on Twitter. I’ve seen countless questions answered on Ask.fm. You’ve been active on the internet. So why not here?

    I’ve been nice and assumed that this hasn’t been answered as there was going to be a big announcement any day now. But instead I see lots of internet activity and yet this group and this thread are being ignored. That’s unacceptable.

    I’m excited about this project, but the lack of frequent contact about a project that is very late is draining any enthusiasm that I’ve had. Ignoring backers who put their faith in you guys when all they want is some sort of status update is awful. To put it simply this project is 5 months (almost 6) late and the last actual word we’ve had was more than 2 months ago.

    I think I speak for all of us when I say that we want something concrete. We need an update at the very least. It’s very concerning that we’ve had next to no contact in the past two months.

    You guys have the power to make this right.

  5. Brandon Schmelz I honestly hope that’s the case. CC: Jacob Randolph 

    But, with all due respect, we’ve heard pretty consistently that we’ll be getting a pdf or news or something “within a few” days over the past few months.

    Starting with the most recent: (Emphasis all mine)

    12/18 via Inverse World G+ Group:

    “We’re updating with the pdf in the next few days.”

    12/10 via Ask.fm:

    “We’re wrapping it up, Jacob’s got a pdf we’re sending to backers soon.” 

    12/5 via Inverse World G+ Group:

    “IW is going great, I’ll have a full update when I get back next week.” (Same information as the one directly below, just posted later)

    11/23 via Inverse World G+ Group:

    “IW is going great, I’ll have a full update when I get back next week.”

    10/13 via Kickstarter Update #28:

    “We set ourselves September 14th as our due date, which also came and went.”

    “If we’re still not done by November I’ll probably scream at something.”

    9/13 via Inverse World G+ Group:

    “It should be soon since we set a deadline of this week, Jacob will compile everything and put out the art-lite version so people can start reading.”

    8/20 via Inverse World G+ Group: (Couldn’t find the actual post, but it was referenced by Brandon Metcalf and confirmed by Brandon Schmelz)

    “We’re also missing some art but the PDF is late already – I will be releasing an art-lite version ASAP.”

    This is all to say that I want to believe you, but we’ve been told repeatedly that it’s coming “soon” or that we’ll have an update “in a few days” or even “next week.” We’ve been told this since August. 

    It’s time to put your money where your mouth is, gents. We’ve invested our money and our faith in you guys back in May. And largely we’ve all been very kind and understanding about the delays of the project. But we keep being met with “in a few days” or “soon.”

    Well, “in a few days” and “soon” has come and went multiple times with us having nothing to show for it. I still want this book and still want to have faith in this project.

  6. And I genuinely hope that is the case.

    I’m not trying to attack you or Jacob or even this project, but surely even you can see that the track record of unfulfilled claims and long stretches of silence has us all a little uneasy and wondering what is going on.

  7. “We haven’t heard from you in two months” is legit reason to be concerned, sure. If you can’t see how “I might hire private investigators to HUNT YOU DOWN” is wildly, outlandishly, creepy-as-fuckily disproportionate to the situation, I’m not sure you can be helped, and I’m saddened to share a hobby with you.

  8. There are so many avenues that you could have approached rather than resorting to histrionics.  For one thing you could have look at a post from two weeks ago that is sitting right beside this one which actually has an email address. 

  9. Paul Echeverri I agree with you that is really disgusting. 

    I think both designers have personal issues to deal with that they are not comfortable talking about. Brandon Schmelz leads a game company and Inverse World is not his only project. Now that we have got an update, which maybe needs to posted to kickstarter.

    We have an idea that the book, at least a majority, is complete. The date projected on kickstarter is only an estimate. Yeah it’s not fun having to wait or even go without news for a bit but we have news now. 

    It’s not right to attack Brandon Schmelz or Jacob Randolph for any reason. Yes, we gave them money to help complete a project but in the end it’s just money. I have no reason to think we’ll never see the book. It just might take a little longer. 

    Just hold on you guys, we’ll get the book and it’ll be amazing.

  10. Hey guys, I figured I would post an update of my own while this is going on.

    Inverse World Accelerated still exists. Its release is tied to Inverse World, so expect IWA shortly after. I am here if you have questions, please don’t stalk me.

    FWIW, I’m in daily contact with Brandon and Jacob (as pals, not just business), and I am 100% sure that _Inverse World_ is still a thing.

  11. Also, I can’t post in the Kickstarter’s comments because Reasons, so I have a dumb favour to ask: Could someone let the people asking know that I’m still planning on making a PDF of a Fate Core conversion for the people who want that?

    Hell I might release what I’ve got as for that a preview, maybe that will help.

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