Continuing work on The Sorcerer. It’s getting closer!

Continuing work on The Sorcerer. It’s getting closer!

Continuing work on The Sorcerer. It’s getting closer!

Originally shared by Adrian Thoen

The Sorcerer has undergone a substantial rewrite, and a lot has been moved to the scrap heap. The new focus is on emotions, their link to Sorcery, and a touch of precognitive dreams. I’m about 6 moves short though, so I’m fishing for ideas.

I added a section that suggests possible applications for talents related to certain emotions as a way of explaining the possible scope of the Sorcerer’s magic, but I’m not sure if it’s too restrictive or provides direction and guidance.

The Sorcerer has probably had the most change and iterative rewrites since I did the Spellslinger, which is interesting. I wonder if it’s the nature of caster-types or if it’s just taken me longer to pin down an archetype with these two classes than the Fae, Fool, and Giant.

6 thoughts on “Continuing work on The Sorcerer. It’s getting closer!”

  1. I love the emotional focus, it totally rules. Should make for a really interesting character to play, too! I’m out of time for DW stuff, but will hopefully have extensive criticism up tomorrow. Until then, love it 😀

  2. Looks good to me so far. It’s not just you who has trouble nailing down spellcasters; I’m working on v.3 of my Artificer for my Eberron conversion, and I’m running into the same problem of solidifying the concept.

  3. Does your Artificer have moves for creating technology or conveniences that change society or provide a steady income? Practical use for magical items seems like a fertile field for the class.

  4. I was actually approaching it more from the innovator angle. I think Keith Baker said it best when he said that magewrights were the electricians of Eberron, artificers were the Teslas and Edisons. But perhaps “finding a practical use for a magic item” could be the Lawful alignment move?

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