I’m thinking of doing a small monthly.

I’m thinking of doing a small monthly.

I’m thinking of doing a small monthly… somethingorother (booklet?)… for 13th Age/Dungeon World. The idea is that it’s sort of like a booster pack for a CCG – you get two monsters, an NPC and a location. A) Would you find this helpful and B) would you subscribe to it for $1/month? Assume PDF format with illustrations, 4-6 pages. (For a better idea of what it might look like, click the link.)

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  1. As a $1 product don’t expect regulars unless they build upon one another. But if they have a specific niche that is popular people will buy them. Where will they be available?

  2. Also, assume they’re all related. F’rinstance you’d have the headmaster of a psionic training facility, a battleground near the facility and then some kind of ghost thing and an errant student of psionics. It suggests an encounter or maybe series of encounters without strictly laying the whole thing out.

  3. Rich Glover I’m having my website professionally redone; they’d be posted there. The full idea – and this will make more sense if you’re already familiar with Patreon – is to make them a low-level creator goal for the site as a whole and then build as people donate. Thus the blog site itself would be the base Patreon content and then the booklets would be freely available afterward assuming the month’s goal was met.  If you’re not familiar with Patreon, check it out here: http://www.patreon.com (mine is /ryven but it’s also going to be changed with the new website so that will give you an idea of the process)

  4. James Hawthorne I see you missed my previous post about three entries up there. :p Yes, this is to re-organize my Patreon into a concept that is easier for me to handle and provides a wider variety of content for my audience.

  5. Lovely essay on Skill Challenges, Ryven! Very cool. Basically how I run them after years of Burning Wheel play.

    I’d be interested to see what you come up with for DW 🙂

    Will you be using the same Illustrators? I really like their style – Plus the format and layout is excellent. 

  6. You will have to ask Kaitlynn Peavler about the art. I’ll use as much of it as she lets me. 🙂 I did the format and layout myself. Trying to bone up on those skills. I’m no Daniel Solis, but I’ll get there maybe one day. Maybe.

  7. I sure like what I see. Lots of content, readable layout, professional writing. I especially enjoyed the art and the examples we could turn around and use, or adapt for our own purposes.

    I could easily see paying a buck for something like this; though shorter you mentioned. I would like to see guest writers covering a variety of topics. 

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