5 thoughts on “I just found out about the Grim World kickstarter project.”

  1. Absolutely. It’s a very well-designed collection of monsters, races, classes, magical items, adventure seeds, and much more for a dark and, well, grim campaign setting. Everything mechanical is presented for DW and Fate, which is pretty cool.

    The art is fantastic, and I also think the new playbooks (classes like Slayer, Necromancer, Battlemaster) are extremely evocative.I plan on using this for our next DW campaign.

  2. I love DW and Fate. Sounds like it might be right up my alley.

    I’m also a huge warhammer fan. What makes Grim world a good fit for the setting in your mind?


  3. The classes just scream classic Warhammer archetypes. The Slayer, The templar (which hunter), the channeler (Bright Wizard), etc. They open it up more to different races that don’t exist in Warhammer but simply allowing only the classic races you’re golden for a Warhammer game.

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