What is your favourite Ranger in fiction? 

I have no idea really. 

The ranger archetype (especially WITH animal companion) is not that mainstream in the pop-culture things i am surrounded with. 

There is of course Aragorn but for me he is not a character that is defined by his rangery abilities but by his responsibilities to the throne. 

I think a fantasy version of the Falcon (Marvel Comics) could be really cool but the falcon is not a ranger… 

I have to think about this more. Hit me with your favourties for inspirations! 

Bonus points for mentioning how you could translate some of their related things into DW! 

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  1. Here’s how I’ve always seen the divide: Both classes dwell (conceptually and literally) on the borders of civilization.

    The Barbarian is from outside civilization, and seeks to tread its thrones under sandaled feet. There is no particular connection with the wild—the barbarian conquers that as well.

    The Ranger exists at the border of civilization and the wild, and protects one from the other.

    Some more rangers: Dar (from Beastmaster). Grizzly Adams. San (from Princess Mononoke)

  2. There is definitely room for a move like this;

    Merry Men

    Instead of a single animal, your “companion” is a group of loyal brigands, bandits and other such outlaws, bound to your service by trust. They have agency and will act on their own, but serve your best interests.

    blah blah mechanical stuff blah

  3. For the companion style ranger, any character that ever had an animal companion, like (showing my age) the Beastmaster movie, or even Lady Hawk. Most any “horse lord” character like Hettar from Eddings, Drogo from Martin, etc. It also covers most Scout archetype characters. However, these are generally often relegated to side characters than main characters.

    Also, there really aren’t many fictional characters that meet the game’s archetype since the archetype was really born of RPGs unlike some of the others.

  4. Legolas is one, though not my favorite. Merry and Pippin could be, too. Or, Merry with Pippin as animal companion. But my favorite has always been Aragon, for showing off the Hunt & Track move in the movie.

  5. Tanis Half-Elven (as if you couldn’t tell be my Avatar!), though I like Gemmell’s Jarek Mace too. I’m just tucking into Cameron’s ‘the Red Knight’ and like what I see there!  Gelfred is a lovely mix of Ranger and Cleric – wonderful 🙂

  6. I misread “Merry and Pippin” as “Mary Poppins” the first time…

    How about June, that bounty hunter with the terrifying star-nosed mount from Avatar?

    Aang might count too, actually, if you apply the “border walker” bit to the spirit world.

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