Tax Collector (not to be taken seriously)

Tax Collector (not to be taken seriously)

Tax Collector (not to be taken seriously)

One of the most memorable characters in our group was a Wizard in D&D 4E who insisted on being employed as a tax collector in any city the party visited. Using the playbook template posted by Zarathud on the forums, I’ve made an homage to his playstyle. I’m still trying to come up with new moves to add.

(Edit: updated to latest version)

6 thoughts on “Tax Collector (not to be taken seriously)”

  1. “Let the Peasants do the work” 

    I’ve learned while playing and DM’ing Dungeon World that any move that automatically gives you Leverage is broken. NPC’s just become nails and Parley turns into a hammer. Since the Tax Collector is a CHA guy already, and getting money is his specialty, having to give up some money to get a +1 is too easy. The player can easily get +4 on parley, +5 if another player aids her. That means it is impossible to roll a miss on Parley.

    “Mental Abacus”

    This move takes the other players characters personalities out of their hands and puts it in yours. It basically allows you to role play their characters as well as yours.

    “Too rich to die”

    WAY to powerful. This makes him virtually unstoppable against any humans.

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