8 thoughts on “Dungeon World AP and review, part 3!”

  1. I didn’t mean to cause trouble, and the unwritten caveat to my statement is “so long as it gets group consensus”.

    My point is simply that whatever  fiction the group decides on is fine, even if it’s not represented mechanically on the character sheet. Fiction trumps mechanics in DW. For example, it doesn’t say anywhere on the character sheet that Dwarves are short, nor does it have mechanics for dealing with small characters. But pretty much everyone assumes they are shorter than average, and so things should be narrated appropriately. 

  2. Christopher Stone-Bush No trouble at all! 

    The problem with ‘elf’ as a descriptor is it means different things in different fantasy worlds: an elf in Tolkien is one thing, in D&D another, in Hellboy yet another still.

    Now…I think elves should have keen senses in general. But whether or not that should translate to some sort of night-vision seems open to interpretation to me; or as you say, table consensus. 

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