5 thoughts on “Pirate world has reached another stretch goal! The Marked class has been unlocked.”

  1. Whoops, missed this post! The Marked should be awesome to play, it’s all about covering your character in tattoos/ runes/ scars/ written seals and embracing their power.

    Matt Tucker: the Brute is incredibly focused as a class; if you want to tear things up, smash enemies and throw them around, or just laugh as someone stabs you with a puny sword, it’s better at doing those than anyone else! Other than that, it’s strictly limited and quite heavily balanced. For example, the Brute has real difficulty going over the d8 base class damage and has 0 base armour; I’ve deliberately not included +damage or +armour moves, as it’s meant to be a base brawler. It is fictionally strong, especially if you’re fighting something like goblins, but it’s never going to roll 15+ damage like the Paladin and Fighter classes are capable of, or shrug off damage without a good suit of armour that anyone could grab.

  2. James Hawthorne Hey while I have you here what are some of the current race options and what will they add to each class? Im assuming they dont have a move for each class they qualify for.

  3. There are five main races, and each gets a full Background, locations and fronts. There are minor races, each of which gets a brief description and Hirelings!

    The main races are:

    * Arachs, giant crustaceans formed into brutal gangs.

    * Amphibs, the most numerous of all the Calderan Sea’s sentient creatures. An umbrella races, covering poisonous frog people to naga-style sea snakes

    * Creepy Dwarves/Goblins, a split race who feed on raw metal and abhor the light

    * Crocodilian Lizardmen, apex predators who grow to gargantuan sizes and are the main base of the magma cult.

    * Men, the most corruptible of all of the Calderan Sea’s races. Those that aren’t savage vikings, predatory merchants or conquering heroes tend to be necromancers, demon-speakers and poisoners.

    There’s one more main race in consideration right now (an undersea crayfish/ octopi mix),

     I wrote up an answer to this post that covers races before I saw your comment:


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