10 thoughts on “Anyone knows a Samurai base class?”

  1. How is a samurai different than a paladin who follows his master’s orders as though they were from on high?  How is a samurai different from a fighter who has taken up the traditional sword of the samurai?

  2. Samurai and samurai culture could make an excellent playbook.

    And any archetype can be ‘no different than X,’ if you want to spin it that way.  I looked at playing a Samurai as a Paladin – doesn’t work.  There’s enough drift and disconnect that you might as well be making your own base class.

    Wish i knew if there was one.

  3. I wrote a cavalier CC a while ago, and it reskins quite well to a samurai.

    To the OP, I think it would depend on what traits you think are important for a samurai. I’m personally in favor of making small changes if possible, rather than making up a whole new class.

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