Pirate World Stretch Goals!

Pirate World Stretch Goals!

Pirate World Stretch Goals!

We’re currently at £2958, which is awesome! WE JUST BROKE £3000! Unlocked:

* Luncheon World adventures tailored for Pirate World (Escape Skull Island, Mermaids!

* 10 more awesome backgrounds

* New class: The Physicker. A damage dealing class with Leeches, Vital Humors, Miasmas.

* Location Creation guide:  make Pirate World locations, like dead-leviathan hulks the ghulfish sail in, or underwater ruined cities, or an Amphib jungle temple buried in the swamp. Includes suggested traps, creatures, fronts and treasure for each.

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    The Pirate World location guide will be in all copies! It includes a ton of location types, each with suggested traps, creatures, inhabitants, treasure and focused Fronts.

    Here are some examples of location types: mysterious islands, underwater cities, volcanoes, leviathan corpses used as ships, the black galleons of Enoch’s empire. I can’t wait to show you guys!

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