Dwarfen Instruments 

Dwarfen instruments are made out of heavy metal alloys and are exhausting to play. Due to their sturdy nature they weight 1 (instead of 0) but can be used as a Close Weapon. 

Any Bard playing a Dwarfen instrument can use CON instead of CHA for Arcane Arts. 

Typical dwarfen instruments are 

Bagpipes, trombones, cornettes, washboards and drums. 

Dwarfen Bard Racial Move: 

When you use a Dwarfen Instrument for Arcane Arts and you grant an Ally extra damage, their next attack also gains the forceful tag. 

(you may start the game with a dwarfen instrument. Tell us what it is and who made it for you)

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  1. It’s way more than “Weight 1” but I see a crazy steam calliope, something like the Dwarven steamroller from “Blood Bowl” — very forceful, and pretty messy too!

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