Arcane Art Discussion Part 2 – The 4 options 

Heal 1d8 damage

+1d4 forward to damage

Their mind is shaken clear of one enchantment

The next time someone successfully assists the target with aid, they get +2 instead of +1

After talking about initiating the move yesterday, let’s focus on the actual mechanical things you can do with it.

1. extra damage (can stack up to a +3d4) 

This is pretty self explanatory and is probably used a lot.  A potential +6 damage is nothing to sneeze at. Especially when someone has means of doing “automatic” damage, like on a defend. Since you can upgrade to 3d4 on level 6, this would give an ally 6+3d4 damage, so roughly 12 autodamage with jsut this move and defend. Not that bad. 

Try to work out if you can use this damage boost with magical attacks or area/multiple attacks like Blot out the Sun. 

2. Healing (potentially 3d8 healing) 

Not much to say here. Stacks nicely with the Invigorating Cleric move. 

3. Clearing their mind of an enchantment

Now this is where the real utility comes in. Most of the times there is not much you can do on short notice when the Ranger is mind-controled or the the Fighter has bloodlust cast on him. 

You can use these kinds of effects more often as a GM too since the party has a better way of dealing with them. In fact, you should. Give a bard the opportunity to use this part of his ability and be extra cool and useful. If this never comes up it is a missed opportunity for the game. 

4. +2 when adining. 

This one isn’t so flashy or oviously useful then the other options i think. However, it boosts teamwork in the whole group. If you use this it means that someone has to aid and that more helping happens in the group. If you have THIS ONE action that you really want to succeed this is the way to pull it of. Using this mode often will make everyone more into a teamplayer. If you are helping yourself most of the times be sure to pick up the A Little Help From My Friends move to get a tasty +1 yourself. With your 6 bard bonds you should be well equipped to helping everyone.