6 thoughts on “So I played Torchbearer this weekend.”

  1. A lot of that would rest with the GM — making the hard moves (and even the soft moves) “grimmer” if not harder. Be more mindful of the illumination level right from the start. Cash in both games is quite abstract (more-so in Torchbearer).

    There are a few structural similarities (if not mechanical ones) — compromises and twists in Torchbearer are similar to GM moves (and the sample twists are a great source of moves), there is a “camping” phase, each character doesn’t really have that much carrying capacity.

    As to world building — ideally DW builds it’s world after play starts — but both games like maps with empty spaces, and the Torchbearer guidelines for world-map building certainly work for DW.

  2. Doug is right – make DW grittier by focusing on the ‘grind’, make moves less cinematic, and more granular – slow motion even. Don’t give your heroes a chance to rest, hit them hard and often, make HARD moves as often as you can and take away their stuff at every given opportunity. Town is never safe, the dark is debilitating and conditions narratively cumulative.

  3. Check torches. A 7-9 on a Defy Danger is a great moment to make their Torches run out as is a 6- on everything. Make them spend their Adventuring Gear again and again for things. Tell them they get hungry when they have been on the move for quite some time without camping. Hit them with soft moves if they don’t go on and eat. 

    Enforce the weight rules.

    These are 3 easy things you can do to have more of that grindy feeling. 

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