Goblin Mushroom-Muncha

Goblin Mushroom-Muncha

Goblin Mushroom-Muncha

(A #pirateworld Alchemist variant)

Pick Poisonous Mushrooms

When you have a spare hour or two, you can pick up clearly dangerous fungus; enough to last an adventure. Choose two tags, name the mushroom and add a batch of it (1 weight) to your inventory. If you’re picking magical, rare or fantastical mushrooms add one more tag of your choice.

Starting Tags: bubbling, flaming, freezing, electric, volatile, regenerating, enhancing, lethargising, restorative, poisonous, invigorating, clotting, acidic, strengthening, weakening, toxic, dangerous, murky,

Example: Fuzzy Madcap (poisonous, electric)

Belch (Int)

When you chomp down on a mushroom and burp it out, roll 2d6 +Int. On a 10+, choose one of the mushroom’s tags and apply it to one of the options below:

* the cloud of vapour counts as a reach weapon and deals class damage. Describe how.

* it has lasting effects (e.g. forms into an ice bridge, melts armour,)

If you roll a 7-9, as above, and your aim also hits something unintended, or the GM picks one of the mushroom’s tags and applies the effects to you!

Transform (Int)

When you stuff your face with fungi, you take on the aspects of the mushroom; roll 2d6 +INT.

* On a 10+ hold 3. Choose one of the potion’s tags and describe how it temporarily transforms you. Spend hold to transform for a moment.

* On a 7-9, hold 3 and the GM also chooses a tag, and describes the effect that tag will have each time you spend hold.


* Add “which mushrooms here look especially dangerous?” to the Discern Realities question list

* You may always ask the GM “what effect will eating this mushroom have?” as you stuff it into your maw, and they will answer truthfully; the answers may include new, undiscovered tags.

Goblin Racial Bonus: “Aaaaarghhhhhhh IM ON FIRE”

All mushrooms automatically have the flaming effect added to them.

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  1. What is the big difference here to the normal one? Isn’t it just another flavour?nao couldn’t you just say herbs, minerals or mushrooms in the main alchemist class?

  2. Yeah! I should probably have called it a skn for the Alchemist. I’m playing a goblin alchemist in a game at the moment and rewrote the move flavour to fit, just thought I’d share it here 🙂

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