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  1. I remember a bard character of mine in Ad&d2 once found a harp with four chords. Each one of them had a power tied to one of the classical elements – not sure what they did though…

  2. Absolutely, you going to run a think tank hangout or just posts? I think it would be cool to be able to weave one’s song into an ethereal instrument that one has chosen as his or her instrument. Once you’ve tried a few and made your final choice of a single instrument, you may begin to bond with it to gain abilities or powers.

  3. Here’s one I came up with as a reward for the Bard PC in my Hangout campaign:

    Iron & Ruby-Encrusted Lute of the Chilling Frost (1 weight)

    • Provides musician/Bard with an invisible, magical shield of frost while carrying it. (+1 armor)

    • When you grant bonus damage with Arcane Art, you grant an ally +2d4 forward damage to an enemy instead of +1d4

    Too overpowered? :/ 😛

    The reason it’s got Iron & Ruby-Encrusted in the name is because all the magical items were treasures looted from the Iron Mage (who was imprisoned in a planar dimension); and, when I asked the Bard to describe the lute, he said it was encrusted with rubies.

  4. Yeah, I was trying to make it on par with the other magical items the other party members got.

    Any suggestions to make it more interesting? Maybe it works better against certain type of monsters? Not sure at the moment.

  5. I’d still love feedback on the Lute of the Chilling Frost – especially with changing the extra damage to warping the season/temperature wherever you’re playing it.

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