3 thoughts on “Hi, this is the monster I’ve made.”

  1. I really like the concept! Typically, a monster deals the same amount of damage whether they punch you, bite you, or throw you into a wall.

    For the moves, what about:

    – Sense when someone’s broken their webs

    – Spin massive webs

    – Poison someone

    For the custom move, I’d word it as a “you don’t” sort of thing. Here’s how I’d reword it:

    When you free yourself from the web of a spidermonkey, roll+STR. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one.

    – You don’t get tangled up in the webs, taking -1 Forward.

    – The spidermonkey isn’t alerted to your presence.

    – You don’t have to leave something behind to escape.

    For the poison, it’s the same as the Thief poison Oil of Tagit. Is this intentional? If not, then perhaps:

    The target’s muscles freeze up over the next minute, eventually paralyzing them.

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