Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!

Originally shared by Misha Polonsky

Hey everyone! We had a Hangout game scheduled, but the majority can’t make it. Thus, I decided to run a fresh game of Dungeon World today via Google Hangouts.

We have 2 players. Looking for 2-3 more players. 

I’d rather run a game for 4 players, but 5’s OK, and 6 would be the max.

First come, first serve!

Level 1 characters (unless you all wanted to play with some levels under your belt).

Let’s stick with Core classes PLUS Barbarian – keeping it simple this time.

Going for a one-shot adventure here.

3PM – 8PM EST.

Also, if you guys are interested, I can run a DUNGEON PLANET game instead of Dungeon World. 🙂