12 thoughts on “Guys, I need some clarifying about the Quest move.”

  1. Hmmm, that’s an interesting question. I would think that would be up to you. I would say that once he is on a quest, he is on it, there is no taking a break. But someone might have a different opinion

  2. I think it should be THE PALADIN PLAYER to have authority over this.

    When in doubt ask: “In doing so, are you pursuing your quest? Aren’t you off that particular quest? Is it still o finterest for you”

    Remember: you are in together with the player, you are not the only controllor of the world, and the paladin player took that move for a reason. Investigate what “being in a quest” menas for that particular paladin, and let youirself be surprised by the answer ^^

  3. guys, the move triggers when you complete the ritual dedication to the quest, and the boons vanish only when you break your vows. There’s nothing specified about what Alisson said. No one ever said that you gain the boons only when you are strictly following your quest. More over, it’s just a pain in the ass to add further limitations. And I personally see nothing wrong in a paladin doing side quests with some boons to back him up.

    If it really makes sense, the situation demands it, and you asked the player if it’s ok with his character concept, you could suspend his boons when making an appropriate hard move, like you could take any other move from a player.

  4. I don’t know, I have all these mental pictures about paladins heavily derailing from their quest but keeping their powers. Like, a sort of deranged, desperate paladin who is still invulnerable to toxins and can’t get drunk, or a paladin that exiled himself to hermitage and keeps his transcendent language, or a paladin who discovered the unacceptable dark side of his deity and his demigod-king and becomes a rebel using his powers against the beings he once served. A paladin that takes a break from fighting the evil forces of the dark lord to help an unrelated villager is, like, the least of our problems.

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