9 thoughts on “Just gonna drop this off here in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet… http://www.dungeonworldsrd.com/”

  1. I really like the layout of the SRD. In particular I found it helpful to have the granular breakdown of sections in the Playing the Game section that aren’t present in the PDF.

    Thanks, John Reyst.

  2. Thanks Jared Hunt! I admit yes, there are ads, but those help allow me to do this sort of thing (still have to have a day job though ugh) I will try to keep improving it over time by adding more internal linkage (i.e. links to key sections/words/mechanics etc.) much like I do with d20pfsrd.com and the other SRD sites I’ve created.

  3. No worries Matt Horam 🙂 If it’s what you think, it’s fine to be honest. I’m more than willing to tweak the layout etc. but not likely to drop the ads (since my goal at some point is to make enough from the ads from all my SRD sites to retire to a Caribbean island I buy! lol) Oh yeah so go click them ads what are you waiting for! 😉

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