Dwarven Tuning Fork

Dwarven Tuning Fork

Dwarven Tuning Fork

While few dwarves ever become musicians, they study harmonics for other purposes. A dwarven tuning fork is specially crafted to resonate with the elemental forces of the earth. When you strike a dwarven tuning fork against the wall of a cave, roll+WIS. *On a 10+, ask the GM 2 questions from the list below. *On a 7–9, ask 1.

 – Are there any instabilities in this cavern?

 – Are there any hidden passages nearby?

 – Are there any valuable gems, metals, or minerals within this wall?

 – Which way is the nearest exit?

Additionally, creatures attuned to the elemental plane of earth, such as xorns or earth elemntals, cannot abide the sound of a dwarven tuning fork, and are repelled by it. The deep tones caused by the tuning fork may cause deafness when used many times by a non-dwarf.

2 thoughts on “Dwarven Tuning Fork”

  1. Far over the Misty Mountains cold,

    To dungeons deep and caverns old,

    We must away, ere break of day,

    To seek our pale enchanted gold.

    The dwarves of yore made mighty spells,

    While hammers fell like ringing bells,

    In places deep, where dark things sleep,

    In hollow halls beneath the fells.

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