16 thoughts on “Has anyone ever used Magic the gathering cards as monster cards for DW?”

  1. That’s a clever idea. I backed the Monster Cards for DW from Inkwell…but I could see this working.

    Do you pretty much just wing what feels right, or do you have a system for translation?

  2. Ralph Mazza i took the flavor of the card and used the DW monster creation system. 

    Adrian Brooks searching on G+ sucks but searching a commnity is okay. under the community picture there is a search bar you can use. 

  3. Edward Burke you are an awful person. I don’t have time for another DW hack. Why did you have to mention Ravnica? I need to sleep at some point, man! 😉

    Seriously though, one of my players has been asking me to run a Ravnica campaign for years now and I might actually consider it now that I have DW.

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