Stealthy, planar, solitary, small

Close, d10 damage, piercing 1, 10 HP

Special qualities: Cloak, flight

Instinct: to slay on behalf of its djinn masters.

Moves: – Fly unseen. – Swoop and strike the unwary. – Harry the prey mercilessly.

“I first took it for an especially large bird of prey, but the bright blue bands upon its wings made me think it was not of this world. As I watched, it seemed to vanish into the sky, nothing more than a faint outline where it was anymore. I have heard of these hawks originating from the elemental plain of Air, where they are kelp as pets by the djinn and used as a noble would use a falcon. Though djinn and their skyhawks have no interest in hunting rabbits; they hunt men who offend them. The skyhawk has an uncanny camouflage ability, making them difficult to spot until they are about to sink their talons into your head. Against the background of the sky, they are all but invisible. “

The feathers of a skyhawk are imbued with a fraction of elemental Air power, and their coloring makes them valuable to a fletcher. An arrow or crossbow bolt made with skyhawk arrows is never deflected by high winds. Furthermore, when such an arrow is fired under the open sky and the dice come up doubles, a devastating stroke of lightning strikes whatever the arrow hits. Some say that this is the act of a vengeful djinn getting revenge upon the one who slew his pet.