9 thoughts on “Ninja 1.1 :P”

  1. They seem fairly specific uses, I think it would benefit from something with a broader use. Maybe something about vanishing? Or agile quick movement over difficult and impossible terrains (rooftops etc)

  2. Just two kind of “eyes”?

    Also, the sheet says ver. 1.0 ๐Ÿ˜€

    About the moves, you should add the [ ] before Ebb & Flow and the other choice.

    Also, I’d put a 3rd choice for the Great Fireball (maybe collateral damage, or hit a unwanted target).

    I’d select different choices for the trap move, to help differentiate him from the standard thief (maybe something about what kind of enemies lurks near here, who built the trap and for defend what, how can I AVOID the trap etc.)

    Finally, change the alignment phrases, I think they are poor suited for a ninja. You could choose something about “create great confusion between the enemies” “only kill for selfdefence, oor when in a spot / only kill the main target” “take danger / risks for keep your friend out of danger” etc.

  3. Ehi Duccio, you should edit that a lot…I think the orginal author shouldn’t offend if you adjust/improve/complete his “beta” work. Also, you shold create YOUR ninja playbook, even if heavily based on another (non commercial I think) work: eventually put a “thanks to Xxxx Xxxx for his playbook”. So, go ahead and create.

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