How does DW run with a lot of players?

How does DW run with a lot of players?

How does DW run with a lot of players? I am supposed to run a game Friday with 7 (maybe 8) players signed up, and all but 1 are complete newbies to gaming. I love DW but I’m a little apprehensive about this, it’s tempting to revert to tried & true B/X D&D. The players are two 40-something moms, a 20-something guy, and assorted kids (9, 11, 11, 11, 14). #DnD  

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  1. I’ve done it several times with 6, and at times that felt too large. The problem for me is mostly keeping everyone engaged. (But then similar problems haunt every rpg w/r size.)

  2. Yep, I don’t think a lot of games scale well over 5 or so, but B/X is one of those. We had a group of 10 or so the last time I played and it was a fantastic game. Maybe run B/X for this crowd and get a couple of smaller groups for DW?

  3. Keeping everyone engaged is what I was concerned about, given the narrative nature of the game. I’d run DW for 3 of them previously and had a great time, and I think they’re hoping to continue that, but they planned a house party around it!

  4. My experience running DW is limited, but I’m inclined to go with the authors’ recommendations and call the comfortable top out point five players. It’s doesn’t mean that you can’t go higher, but the free-nature of combat flow (no initiative) means the burden on the GM increases a lot with each additional player insofar as insuring both a smooth flow and that every character gets their moment in the spotlight.

  5. Btw, I like the idea +Tim Jensen had. Run two games. I’d split roughly along age lines (an old group and a young group, maybe with the mid-range overlapping if they want to play in two games).

  6. When I run 6 it feels like I get a real workout and no one else gets enough screen time. 5 works for me, but 4 is perfect. Would be curious to know how 9 and 11 year olds take to the game though.

  7. Philip Burge, that is a very interesting idea. My son could act as co-GM giving each of us 3 players. It seems confusing though, wondering how it would work. I suppose the GMs could divide the monsters between them and work with whatever players they happen to be involved with. Or one gm could play “adversary” and run the monsters as characters while the other acts more as moderator. Or the game could involve two separate adventuring teams in the same dungeon… that would be wild!

  8. I actually think DW is more suited to larger groups then more rules-heavy games. Stick to using narrative and keep things constantly moving. The only thing I would be warey of 1 or 2 older/more experienced people dominating the GM’s attention.

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