Here is the final version of the Mesmer playbook.

Here is the final version of the Mesmer playbook.

Here is the final version of the Mesmer playbook.  Thanks for the support and help! I had a lot of fun making this one, and might create another of the Guild Wars 2 classes if anyone is interested.  Leave a comment if you have one in mind that you would like to see made!

7 thoughts on “Here is the final version of the Mesmer playbook.”

  1. I like the idea, but there are some things that don’t quite fit:

    1)First one is the “Mirror Mirror” move. Having to randomly roll every time you get hit adds a bunch of unnecessary roles. 

    How about making mirror mirror a “hold” move? The roll gives you hold 3 (or images 3) and you can spend them 1-on-1 to avoid a single attack, and for the mirror break move. That way the class has a more defined resource system, even if it’s mostly a clarification. Might also consider adding a “If you would take a hit that’s not a product of your Hack and Slash move…”, since it doesn’t make sense that you open yourself to a counter attack and your image gets hit! (Maybe as an advanced move?)

    2) On the subject of “mirror break”, make sure to add “when you shatter ALL of your images…”, that’s the way it works on GW2 and makes the move a little more situational, and a trade-off between defending with “Mirror mirror”, or being offensive. With that change you can also get “selective shatter” as an advanced move for higher levels, allowing you to instead spend any numbers of mirror images on your “mirror break”.

    3)With my suggested changes to “Mirror mirror”, the advance moved “controlled images” is worthless. But, without my change, “controlled images” is basically a forced pick since it ignores a disadvantage. Hell, I’d pick it just to avoid the random rolls, but that links to my first suggestion.

    4) Two +1 armor moves at level 3 seems like a lot? Add that to the effect of “Mirror Mirror” and you got a class that’s super tanky. Maybe consider replacing Illusive ward with “We am many(sic): when you Hack and Slash against less than (1+ images) opponents, take a +1 forward”

    5) You have purely combat-related moves as basic moves. Maybe consider moving “Mind Sear” to the advance list and either adding Phantasmal Words as a basic move, or create another one. Something like “

    The illusion of greatness: 

    When you conjure a mystical, shifting aura of illusion around you, roll +cha. On a 10+ any bystander is awed by your presence. Consider “your power” as leverage enough in a Parley roll against them while under the effects of the illusion of greatness.

    On a 7-9, pick 1:

    You lose all of your illusions (can’t pick this if you have 0 illusions)

    A few of the bystanders are scared of your power and become hostile

    Take a -1 forward to the next use of your powers, due to your mind wandering along with your illusions.

    Your illusion is so good that you believe it too. Place yourself in a spot related to overconfidence. 

    Besides that, looks pretty great! I’d love your take on Engineer and Guardian!

  2. I feel the “break the mirror to ignore damage” a little overpowered. Warrior has to shatter his Armor to do that. You can make that almost freely.

    Piercing 1 ability and the following Piercing 2 ability are a little underpowered. I’d put “piercing 2” for the first, and “ignore armor” for the second one.

  3. You’re right in that it’s a pretty powerful effect, but rolling randomly is an awful mechanic, since DW is all about quick combat and rolls should always generate an interesting result, not just confirm something that’s already happening. 

    Keep in mind that using an illusion to ignore an attack means that you have one less illusion to power your more interesting moves.

    Oh, I was going to write a bunch of options but I just came up with a cool fix:

    “if you would take damage, you may have an illusion take that damage instead. The illusion is destroyed, and you can’t take advantage of this effect until you create a new batch of Illusions”

    It’s still a powerful effect, but you can only use it once before you have to re-create your illusions. The “in-fiction” excuse to this mechanic is that your illusions lose some power after one gets violently scattered, and they  become easier to see trough. That way the mesmer is lot less tanky, but still has some options to ignore damage.

  4. All good thoughts, feel free to download and change it as you want.  I’m going to focus on the Engi starting this weekend.  Working with the Mesmer has got me back into playing GW2.

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